Deep-Dive-Immersion to Rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Soul

An 8-week experience cultivating positive habits, a calmer mind and healthier body.

Despite the busy and bustling holiday season, there is promise of unwinding into cosy, lazy days and a slower pace. A time to reflect and be inspired by the New Year’s call for change. Yet January comes sooner than expected with new schedules, family commitments, demanding career deadlines – and before you know it, you’ll find you’re trapped once again by responsibilities – caring about those around you, looking out for their welfare but neglecting to look out for your own – rarely having time for exercise, eating on the go, feeling sluggish, your body stiffening with aches and pains, not sleeping well.

You know deep down something is out of balance. No-one would suspect, you seem on top of your game but it’s taking its toll on your mind and body. A part of you is missing and you want to experience a positive change and feel connected once again.

Join me and reclaim your health and connection to your body through a personalised approach.

What You’ll Learn

This 8-week experience is for those women longing for simple (but effective) habit changes. We’ll work towards a healthier lifestyle while practicing gentle yoga and finding a positive connection to our bodies once again.

  • You’ll learn breath practices that’ll give you the power to calm yourself down.
  • You’ll learn meditation techniques to help reduce stress and encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  • I’ll teach you how to craft a morning and evening routine.
  • You’ll learn the power of decluttering and clearing space in our bodies, mind and life.
  • You’ll learn how to create and hold boundaries that will have a significant impact on how you live your life.

When & Where

We meet on Thursdays for 6 weeks, have a 2-week break and then finish with 2 additional weeks.

2019 Dates
17, 24, 31 January & 7, 14, 21 February
(Break: 28 February & 7 March) 14, 21 March

Time: 5.15 pm to 7.15 pm
Location: Yogastudio, Werkhofstrasse 18,6005 Luzern

How We’ll Work Together and What’s Included

Wherever possible, I’ll tailor the program to meet your individual needs. Class size is limited to allow for specialized attention.
During the 8 weeks, we’ll integrate teachings and discussion together with yoga, breathwork and meditation practice techniques to support your learning.
Each week we’ll build on the previous week developing simple, positive life-changing habits and self-care techniques within a supportive environment where you can connect and grow.

The 8-week journey includes:

  • 8 x 2-hour workshops for learning, discussion and yoga practice.
  • A varied, rich fabric of self-care practices incorporating yoga, interweaving ancient wisdom and tradition with modern science.
  • Focus on attention to detail so that you can be fully present in the now, tuning out distractions to reveal what you want more of in your life.
  • Short meditation, contemplation and motivational techniques that will enhance your ability to destress, shift your focus and gain clarity.
  • Practices that will help dissolve negativity, self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.
  • Inspiration and encouragement to live your most authentic life.
  • A 2-week break where you get to pause, reflect and implement what you’ve learnt so far.
  • Unlimited access to me via email or phone throughout the course.
What Makes This Different From Other Yoga Programs?
This is not a one-size-fits-all program. This is a personal relationship with someone who’s an expert in working one-on-one with yoga clients.It is designed to help you transform your self-care by taking practical, effective, sustainable steps towards a healthier body and way of working.As a result, you’ll discover this experience delves much deeper than just the physical practice and can help bring real transformative change through awareness in all other aspects of your life.Developing healthy habits takes time which is why I’m supporting you for a full 8-weeks so that you cultivate a loving, caring relationship with your body that supports the work you put out into the world.